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Episode 160 – The Overdose Crisis

Dr. Marianne T. Ritchie June 3, 2023 1353 1

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The Overdose Crisis –  On Saturday, June 3, our host Dr. Marianne T. Ritchie spoke with Dr. Peter M. Vernig about the overdose crisis. For many years, our nation has focused on the Opioid Crisis, but now the problem is more complex. People are using drugs, which might be a combination of an opioid with another opioid or with a non-opioid, without realizing it. Since 1999, deaths from drug overdose are five times higher.  More and more deaths result from overdoses involving multiple substances. 

Meet Our Guest:

Peter M. Vernig, PhD, MBA

VP of Mental Health Services

Recovery Centers of America


The Philadelphia Behavior Therapy Association

Your Real Champions® 

 “Savage Sisters”

Your Real Champion® – Savage Sisters”

Sarah Laurel is grateful for her second chance.  In her early twenties, she had a comfortable lifestyle in corporate America with a nice car and a place of her own. Never did she dream that one day she would suffer from a heroin addiction and experience homelessness. Now her mission is to “attack addiction ferociously with radical love through connection.” She is the founder and Director of “Savage Sisters,” a non-profit which strives to create a safe space for those who are suffering from substance Use disorder and homelessness.

Each week, we highlight the Real Champions in your life! Your family, friends, or colleagues who go the extra mile to help others in their community.

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Your Addiction Expert

Ross Friedman, CEO of RCA at Devon

This week’s topic: Rebuilding your life and finding purpose after addiction

Ross Friedman has an extensive 25-year career dedicated to saving the lives of those struggling with mental health and substance use illnesses. As an executive, he has led healthcare organizations that provided both substance use and behavioral health care for inpatient services, outpatient services, as well as crisis response care. Ross has led hospitals to award-winning stature on several occasions by ensuring high-quality care, positive patient outcomes, budgetary control, a continuous focus on the mission of treatment, and exemplary regulatory review.

Each week, an expert from Recovery Centers of America shares information about addiction treatment and the importance of recovery.

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